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This space will feature a different ancestor as I get a chance to summary my research.

I highlight a member of an interesting line in my family tree,  Dr. Francis Joseph Pahud de Valangin.  Still a lot to learn of this famous family,  but an internet connection with a remote cousin helped clear up a lot.

In addition,  I had a chance to visit London in 2006 and saw the memorial plaque to his wife and daughter in the St. Gilles Cripplegate church.  In 2012,  we visited the George Washington Memorial Masonic Lodge in Alexandria Virginia to view a portrait of Francis, and his ancient truncheon

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Photo Album

Unanswered Research Questions

Photo of our dog Rupert and my family.  I have many unanswered questions on my research into my family.  Here a few of the main ones.  Feel free to tackle one,  and let me know what you find out!
  • What ever happened to the estate of Dr. Francis Joseph Pahud de Valangin?
  • What happened to Sebriney Finlay (1822-1840)?  She died before the family moved to Michigan,  but no sign of her in Alfred, NY.

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