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Go Tigers!!!

October, 1968:  Detroit Tigers Clubhouse,  Bliss Finlay

Go Tigers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We have had to wait 22 years since the bengals made it to the SHOW!! and while the 1984 Tigers were great,  I will never forget the 1968 Tigers.  I was 9 years old, and they were my idols.  Norm Cash, Dick McAullife, Gates Brown, Willie Horton, Bill Freehan, Al Kaline, Don Wert,  Mickey Lolich, Denny McLain, Mayo Smith, Ray Oyler, Jim Northrup, et al. 

I always knew my dad, Bliss Finlay, had something to do with the Tigers,  but it wasn't until much later I learned that he worked with them closely for over 20 years, they were one of his favorite clients.  So in honor of the Tigers meeting the St. Louis Cardinals in the World Series 38 years later,  I wanted to share some great photos of my Dad in the Tigers' clubhouse after the World Series in 1968..... at the time the Tigers "motto" was derived after TV's "Laugh-in" show's "Sock it to 'em, Tigers"

Unfortunately,  the 2006 Series did not turn out the way i had hoped, but there is always next year!

October, 1968:  Detroit Tigers Clubhouse,  Jim Campbell (L), Tigers General Manager, Bliss Finlay (R), Ernst & Ernst

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