Ancestor Biographies

This page contains biographies, photos, letters, and records concerning my ancestors.



Laura Finlay Hall

Francis Joseph Pahud de Valangin


George Finlay (1786-1873)

George came to the US with his father, mother, and siblings in 1802.

Rachel (Cole) Finlay (1798-1882)

Born in New York, Rachel married George shortly before he entered service in the War of 1812. Little is known about her family, except she had a brother named David.

The Finlay Brothers, c. 1874

George's 4 boys. (L-R) John, Ebenezer, Cornelius, David

Cornelius IOOF

Photo of Cornelius (L) and another Odd Fellow. Photo taken in the 1860s. Cornelius was an officer in the Virginia City chapter.

Photo of David Finlay (1817-1903)

This photo was taken around 1874. It seems to be a different person that the other photo I have of David, but matched the photo of the brothers.

G.Winslow's Photo of David and Family

Photo of David Finlay with his children and Rhoda his wife.

Ebenezer Rowland Finlay (1889-1982) built this home at 12 Eldred Street in Battle Creek, Michigan.

This is the home where my father was born. They only lived here a short time, moving from Battle Creek to Detroit before the 1920 Census.

Ebenezer Rowland Finlay (1826-1906)

My grandfather's namesake. A farmer, 49er, grocer, and businessman in Battle Creek. He was named after a family friend (Ebenezer rowland) who lived in Kortright, NY.

Farewell Cornelius

Article about Cornelius leaving Virginia City, Nevada in 1868

Article about Cornelius being on a Jury

This judge has a sense of humor. This is his famous "Tall" jury.

David Finlay's home in Oshtemo, Michigan

A great example of Greek architecture. Close to George Finlay's home and his other house, where he established a cheese factory.

Ebenezer Rowland Finlay's (I) home on Howland Avenue in Battle Creek.

The elder Ebenezer lived out his final years here with his second wife, Agnes Walters. He moved out of the family farm (on Michigan Avenue, near Finlay Avenue) to live here.

John Bolster Krug (1856-1933) building in Battle Creek

J.B. Krug was a prolific educator, starting numerous Business Colleges, which in some form, still exist today. John was married to Ebenezer Finlay's daughter, Maggie.