Rupert, the pug, is famous......


Here's a link to the video...

News Report on Rupert


Why is this dog smiling???

The fact of the matter is that he is smiling because he survived the Menu Foods Dog Food recall ( in 2005.  5 days before the recall,  Rupert was diagnosed with sudden onset Kidney Failure.  We searched for a root cause and could not find one until five days later, when Menu Foods,  a manufacturer of dog food, announced they were recalling 60 Million cans of tainted food. We checked our pantry,  and sure enough,  there was 1/2 a case of food on the recall list.  Yikes!

The good news is that he just finished a week and a half of IV and Antibiotic treatments.  I am glad to say that his kidneys appear to be back to normal.  Of course there is no telling what the long term impact will be.

We're glad Rupert is back to his old self.


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